Scott P. Ardoin is Co-Director of the Center for Behavioral Education Research (CABER) and a Professor in the School Psychology Program in the Department of Educational Psychology within the College of Education at the University of Georgia.  Dr. Ardoin’s colleagues in the school psychology program include Drs. Michele Lease, Ashley Harrison, Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett, and Amy Reschly.

Dr. Ardoin’s research interest include the application of principles of applied behavior analysis within classroom settings.  He applies these principles not only to developing classroom and individual student behavioral interventions, but also to developing academic skills interventions and assessment materials.  In addition to sharing his knowledge base with graduate students in school psychology through coursework and collaborative research, Dr. Ardoin teaches courses as part of the UGA BCBA certification program.

On going research projects include using eye-tracking procedures for the purpose of measuring students’ reading and test taking behavior and examining how test and text characteristics might alter students’ test taking behavior. For a sample of eye-tracking data view this youtube link.

While some of Dr. Ardoin’s graduate students are engage in similar eye-tracking research others are examining (a) teachers’ understanding of assessment data, (b) the accuracy and reliability of ABC data collection procedures, (c) morphological awareness, (d) the application of brief experimental analyses procedures in the identification of students’ instructional needs in mathematics, (e) trial based functional analyses, (f) tablet based reading instruction, and (g) classroom based behavioral interventions. 

As Co-Director of the Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research, Dr. Ardoin is working with Drs. Kevin Ayres and Joel Ringdahl in developing the behavioral management skills of teachers within a local school district and conducting research to enhance the quality of behavioral assessment and intervention practices within regular and special education classrooms. Other members of CABER include Drs. Jennifer Brown, Alicia Davis, Ashley Harrison, Rebecca Lieberman-Betz, and Kara Wunderlich.

Dr. Ardoin also works with FASTBRIDGE in developing and evaluating the current and future assessment materials and procedures which make up their evidence based suite of assessments.

For additional information regarding Dr. Ardoin, please see his curriculum vitae.