The ArdoinLab is generally made up of a team of undergraduate and graduate research assistants who assist in collecting assessment data and implementing interventions in elementary schools.  The studies that students work on range from (a) implementing reading interventions and determining why they might not be working for certain students; (b) improving upon procedures used by schools to determine why students engage in undesirable behaviors;  (c) improving upon the procedures used to train teacher in classroom behavioral management strategies; and (e) developing behavioral interventions for children engaging in high levels of inappropriate behavior.  

Undergraduate research assistants sign up to take EPSY 4010 and generally work 2-3 hours a week implementing interventions and collecting data in the schools and 1-2 hours a week coding data either in the schools are in the coding room on campus. 

At the beginning of each semester, there are generally 2-3 meetings during which time training in research protocols is provided.  Dr. Ardoin and his graduate students then accompany the undergraduate into the schools in order to provide further field based training.  Throughout the remainder of the semester, Dr. Ardoin and his graduate students continue working alongside the undergraduates in collecting assessment data and implementing interventions.

In addition to the opportunity to work with elementary students and see changes in their academic achievement and/or behavior, undergraduate research assistants gain valuable experiences in conducting research. These experiences not only improve undergraduate research assistants’ graduate application packages, but also provides them with (a) a better understanding of the field of school psychology; (b) a relevant topic to discuss when being interviewed by potential graduate schools; (c) a letter of recommendation from a professor [Dr. Ardoin] who has observed them conducting research and interacting with others in a professional manner; and (d) multiple opportunities to discuss what graduate school life is like with current graduate students. 

Undergraduate students interested in this experience should send an email to ardoinlab@gmail.com.

EPSY 4010 Course Requirements

  • Enjoy working with children.
  • Be Responsible:
  • Dress appropriately for school settings
  • Maintain fidelity in implementing research protocols
  • Have a police background check completed prior to working in the schools.
  • Complete IRB CITI training (complete the general Social and Behavioral Research Module as well as the children’s track)

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Generally I am happy to write letters of recommendation for those undergraduate students with whom I have worked with through EPSY 4010. A primary reason that I teach EPSY 4010 is that I want to promote the appreciation for research among undergraduates and I want to assist them in pursuing a graduate career.  I do, however, have some requirements that undergraduate must meet when requesting a letter of recommendation from me.

  1. Request your letter at least 1 month prior to its due date.
  2. Provide me with a spreadsheet identifying the places to which you are applying, the date the letters are due, whether each letter needs to be submitted via the web, a hard copy mailed to the school, or a hard copy mailed to the undergraduate.
  3. Provide stamped and addressed envelopes to all schools that require letters be sent to the school or to you.
  4. Provide me with a copy of your vitae and a copy of the letter of interest that you are sending to one of the schools.
  5. I prefer completing all recommendations for an individual at one time. I do not want to complete a recommendation one week and then receive a request the next week for another recommendation to be completed.  Thus, prior to the due date for the first recommendation, please do what is necessary to allow me to submit all of your recommendations on the same day.